Meet Janet Swahn

Janet Swahn (“Swan”) was born with ART in her SOUL!

Born in New Orleans, known for ART, Janet’s talent emerged early as her father, Bob a renowned commercial graphic artist, was continually teaching her to see the flow, color, space, and design in nature and everything around her.

Janet became a fine art consultant in 1990 with her husband, Rick who started his art business in 1985. Together they owned galleries in California, Florida, North Carolina, Chicago, and Georgia, giving Janet valuable contributions & motivation to paint, explore and grow.

Janet’s diverse style has developed naturally over the decades, with paintings in 30+ US states and 18 different countries (and counting). Her compositions are highly energetic, flowing, textured, colorful, and artistically creative. There is a strong influence of Picasso and Modigliani evident in all of her work.

“I create with acrylic, oil, mediums, and aluminum on linen canvas and board. My work is truly mixed media, post-modern abstract expressionism, and my style is characterized by thick paint, large strokes, and expressive, colorful compositions. I am autodidact in every respect of life and believe that, with self-confidence, willpower, and simple hard work, anything is possible.”

“As my artistic career has progressed, my motivation now springs from my collector’s enthusiasm. I am intrigued to see my paintings displayed all over the world, in various settings. I realize everyone else’s creativity as they display my original art within their spaces.”

Janet enjoys the liberty of creating various subjects from abstract to expressionism but remains true to her own personal style in each creation. “My inspiration is the Art of being content. I am a content, grateful, and happy person, having a strong connection with nature. I feel privileged to be able to take so much pleasure from the smallest, everyday things. That’s where I get my inspiration, from all the beauty around me, all created by God for our enjoyment. When passion and commitment are driving forces, it’s all great fun and good things come your way.”

Painting from her Studio in Eatonton, Georgia, she is most happy creating beautiful art for her clients. Swahn Art & Framing in Harmony Crossing is a gallery showroom where clients can enjoy and collect her work and design frames to complement it!

“My Dad told me when I was young, ’Find something you love to do that you can earn a living doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ If I am in my studio creating, it’s a happy day! I am blessed that I have a God-given talent and truly humbled and thankful to God, my husband, and all my collectors. My life is truly my dream come true!”


View Janet’s latest paintings at SWAHN Art & Framing

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