HaPpY Art

HaPpY has been Bringing Smiles to Faces Across the World when artist Janet Swahn created him during the Covid pandemic in 2020. Janet explains how HaPpY came about. “Ostriches have forever made me laugh. Their antics, faces, eyes and overall appearance is just funny to me.

As an expressionist, bringing emotion of happiness into other’s lives is a natural for me. I saw a need to cheer people up as they became isolated from each other. I painted my first ostrich, posted online and within hours, someone made an inquiry and wanted the painting, asked his name and I just said, ‘HaPpY’.”

That first HaPpY left Georgia and headed for Colorado. Janet couldn’t stop there and series of HaPpY paintings have been created and placed in homes and offices across America and in 12 different countries.

It’s time for you to bring HaPpY into your home and office. He is sure to being smiles to the faces of everyone he meets!

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