Paris Love


In 2020, Lisa and I met on a mutual friend’s boat. Shortly after, Lisa visited Swahn Gallery. She immediately fell in love with an Umbrella couple painting I was working on. Without hesitation, Lisa knew she wanted a Paris scene with herself and Pete. She had the space selected where the painting would hang so the size was determined as 24″x 20″. Lisa allowed me to create her painting with the freedom of my artistic vision.

Although we do not see their faces, everyone who views their painting knows it is Pete and Lisa! This was the first of several commissions I have painted for their home and as gifts to family members. I am very honored each time Lisa asks me to paint for her. She is special.

Janet Swahn Paris Love
Original Mixed Media Painting on Canvas
Canvas Size 24″ high x 20″ wide

Joyful Art by Janet Swahn – Bringing Smiles to Faces All across the Globe!


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