Bob & Cat Time After Time


When Bob visited my gallery in Jan 2024, we had a great time and connected as artists. He expressed that he’d like to one day have a painting from a video that he and his wife, Cat made. He gave me the YouTube link and I watched their awesome video. He left saying he may be back one day to do this to which I replied, “Why not do it now and start enjoying it?” He returned the next day and decided I was right LOL

The ending was the scene to be captured and throughout the video, their adorable pup Charlie (Chuck) was chasing after a yellow tennis ball that Cat threw out to the yard. Bob provided a picture of her and she was added to the left side of the painting. I so enjoyed creating this love moment of a beautiful and talented couple expressing their God-given talents for all to enjoy. And Bob has awesome hair to paint! 🙂

Bob presented the painting to Cat as a surprise Valentine’s Day gift and it was a huge hit. I have no idea how he plans to outdo this gift! I am honored to hang in their home and as they enjoy their painting, may their hearts smile Time … After Time.

Janet Swahn Bob & Cat Time After Time

Original Mixed Media Painting on Canvas

Canvas Size 24″ high x 36″ wide


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